This section covers all the relevant information regarding Sky television in Spain.

Never call sky direct!!!

Always call Sky’s the Limit

Customers in Spain call (0034) 952 371 699
Or email us: sales@skysthelimit.tv

Card problems
The most common problems regarding sky cards often occur when there are payment issues on your account.

When a message on your TV screen reads “To upgrade call 0800 …” then your card has been switched off. Please call our office for us to re-enable your card.

If the message on your screen reads that this is the wrong card for this set top box it means they need pairing, please call us with the details of your box and card. You get this info by going to Services on your remote then press no. four, then no. five. From System Details note your version/serial/card numbers down, then call us on 952 371 699.

Digibox problems
Sometimes the digibox can get a build-up of static, and if the message on the screen reads “Searching for listings” or it’s just a blank blue screen try re-setting your box by unplugging it from the mains, leave it for 5 minutes then plug back in. This should re-set and clear any static from your digibox. If you are not receiving any sound or picture please check the scart leads are all connected correctly.

Satellite dish problems

If the message on the screen is reading “No satellite signal is being received” and you have already re-set the box, then the dish may require realigning by an engineer. This is done with a Spectum analyser/signal meter.

What are the minimum dish requirements for southern Spain?
The minimum size for reception in southern Spain is 1.3 to 1.5 metres with a low noise block (lnb) figure of about 0.3 db. Invacom lnbs are the best for fringe areas such as Spain.
The size of dish required depends on where you are, please tell us your exact location and we can calculate the optimum dish size for crystal clear reception. The quality of reception also depends on how well the dish is fitted, we will not fit a dish that is not secure and permanent.

How many boxes can be run off a single satellite dish?
The answer is infinite! Lnbs come with various outputs, i.e. they range from one port, from which you can run one box, then two outputs for two digiboxes, and four outputs for four digiboxes. The maximum being eight outputs, enabling you to run eight digiboxes from the one satellite dish.
If however you are in a community and want 64 apartments installed with a separate digibox in each apartment, so each resident can have a digibox and a subscription of their own it is still possible with one dish. This situation requires switching and amplifying equipment at the headend (telecoms closet) consisting of multi-switches which come in outputs of four and multiples thereof.

I live in a community and the president has refused me permission to erect a satellite dish, what can I do now ?
By law, he must give you access to satellite TV. This right is provided under the Freedom of Information Act in EU law and must be granted in all EU member countries. Speak with your president and tell him that. Ask him where and how to set up a dish to disturb him and others the least. If he is unwilling to help or even allow a dish, speak with your lawyer. It is your right, fight for it.

Viewing sky in other rooms
Can I receive sky in other rooms of my house?
Yes, there are a couple of ways to achieve this. First, you can run a cable direct from your satellite dish. This would require a twin lnb, or if you already have sky plus, a quad lnb, and then another digibox is required.

Depending on what you would like to receive in the other room, you may need another subscription from sky (another card). With no card in the box you will only receive free to air (fta) channels such as BBC1, 2, 3 and 4, CNN, Sky News and radio and lots of other channels. But this will not include sky subscription channels like Sky One etc. A free to view card is required for channels ITV1 and 2, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

However if you just want to watch the same channel in a different room this makes things a little cheaper. The easiest way is to install an audio/visual sender, this is installed on the main digibox with a receiver at the other end. It’s ideal if you want to watch TV in bed! It gives you the virtual reality of being next to the digibox and enables you to change channels at the same time. No wires, no fuss, and cheaper than having two subscriptions. Perfect if you’re watching a video or dvd downstairs and the kids can be ushered upstairs to watch sky!

Can I bring my UK TV to Spain and will it work?
Yes. It will work perfectly with regards to viewing sky in Spain but you will be unable to view local television transmissions unless you purchase a device called a modulator. In the UK, TV transmissions use the Pal i standard and in Spain they use Pal b/g, so you get a perfect picture but NO sound, similarly if you were to use a Spanish television and connect it to your digibox via an RF connection not a scart lead you would also get picture but NO sound.

Free channels on the sky digital satellite platform
Many people have asked for a list of free channels on the sky digital satellite platform. So we have produced a listing, click Here.
This list is aimed at UK viewers, viewers outside the UK without an ftv card will not get some of the listed channels.

If there is a question that we have not answered please do not hesitate to contact us Here.

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